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New Adventure Week trip itinerary

Tikal Mayan ruinsStarting next season, Nov. 2010, Slickrock will be offering a slightly new itinerary for our Adventure Week trip. The outline of the trip will remain the same, with half a week inland and a half week spent on our island. The new changes will occur on the inland part of the trip, where we will now be including a day trip to Tikal, Guatemala, where our group will have the opportunity to explore the largest Mayan ruin ever restored. Huge temples and sprawling building complexes spread out over several square miles of jungle, now protected as a National Park. Tikal is world famous in representing the highest architectural achievements of the Mayan civilization.

In addition, we will see a new Mayan ceremonial cave at Che Chem Ha, were a multitude of artifacts and a deep ceremonial chamber are explored. Later that same day we then descend a section of the Macal River with sit on top kayaks, threading through easy rapids as we exit the stunning 1500′ high gorge.

Our third day is spent running the underground chambers of the Caves Branch River, where we navigate 3 miles of caves in sit on top kayaks. This adventure remains the same as in our previous itineraries, and is probably the most exciting day of the trip.

Returning to Belize City, we take our shuttle boat out to the island on Wed, where we enjoy the myriad of water sport adventures that have made our island the premier adventure sport location in Belize. We have now added paddleboarding and kiteboarding to our roster of activities, but our surf sports , sea kayaking, and snorkeling remain ever popular as our featured events.

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