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New watersports equipment for the island

Packing for Belize, driving from Moab, UTEvery year in September Cully starts to order new gear for the island. For weeks cool stuff pours in to our Moab shed. This year we had to order more than usual; with the new wind center we had to invest at least $20K in kite and windsurf equipment. Cully was in heavan! Here are some shots of our new truck and trailer being loaded, in my front yard in Moab.

Packing for driving to Belize from Moab, UT
We bought many new kites, and several kiteboard and windsurf boards. We also got a whole new quiver of sails.

  • -You can view our Belize windsurfing gear list on our Belize tour website.
  • -Visit our Belize kitesurf school page for a list of all of the new kitesurf gear on it’s way to our island.

    We also send down a whole pile of cool new stuff for our island kitchen: fantastic new orange juice squeezer, super cool stainless steel strainers, knives, wisks, and ladles. I went a little crazy at the restaurant supply store in Grand Junction. Every year, without really knowing how he does it, Cully manages to order just the right amount of gear for whatever van/truck/trailer combo we have going down. When it was all loaded up, everything was completely full.

    Driving new kiteboard and windsurf gear to Belize

    It takes Cully 7 days to drive to Belize. As he always says, he drives “like a grandmother”. He left this past Tuesday, and should arrive in Belize City next Tuesday. I believe he crosses the border between Texas and Mexico today, at Brownsville. This is something like the 34th year he has driven down to Belize! We’ve come a long way from the old “rattle van” we used to drive both down and back up, since we couldn’t afford to leave vehicles down there back in those days. Here he is last Tuesday morning, before driving out of Moab for the fall and early winter.

    All packed up and ready to go.
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