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Private Island Wedding in Belize

We were thrilled to host our FIRST island wedding last month; Jody Jones and Danielle Torres of Salt Lake City chose our island for their Belize wedding! They chartered the island, and their friends and family flew to Belize from as far away as Australia for the big event. It was a smashing success, everyone proclaimed it the best trip of their lives, and they are already planning the wedding reunion trip back to Long Caye in two years! I talked to some of the staff the other day and they all loved it too. It was a perfect week. Now I regret I didn’t fly back down for it… :-(

I spoke with Jody after she returned home and she told me something about weddings on our island that had never occurred to me… she said that she has been talking to many of her friends who also got married overseas. Other couples said that the most stressful part of a wedding in Italy, for example, was that their friends and family had traveled so far and spent so much $ to join them, that they felt responsible for keeping them entertained for the entire week that they were there. Each breakfast, lunch, and dinner the wedding couple would have to plan where to eat, who was hosting (or not), etc. Jody said “We didn’t have to worry about any of that, you guys took care of everything!” Any trip to our island, wedding charter or not, includes all meals, lodging, and beer, as well as daily activities all day long. The wedding guests went kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, and windsurfing just like the rest of our guests do every week. But Sunday was the big event!

Here are some photos from this gorgeous wedding. (Click on the pictures twice to make them larger.) Thanks Jody and Danielle for sending these pictures to us! Val and I here in the office had such a great time joining the wedding “virtually”!

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