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Mayan tour package drops 15%!

Caracol Mayan ruinsEvery visitor to Belize should take the time to explore the fabulous archaeological sites of the ancient Mayan world. Our Mayan Odyssey tour (http://www.slickrock.com/mayanodyssey.html) spends one day exploring Caracol, the premier Mayan ruin in Belize, and a second day descending into the most famous Mayan ceremonial cave yet found in Belize: Actun Tunichil Muknal.

As we posted last week, we have chosen a new lodge to base our Belize Adventure Week tour out of (http://www.slickrock.com/belizeadventureweek.html). As a result of this change, we have also moved our Mayan Odyssey trip, which will also be run by Crystal Paradise Resort. They have just given us the price for this exciting Mayan tour and we are pleased to report that the price has dropped significantly!

This short 2-day package is designed to dovetail with our other adventure packages. To see how to combine this trip with our other itineraries, visit our Suggested Belize Itineraries webpage. If you only have a few days to visit Belize, this is the perfect short itinerary!

Here are last year’s rates compared with this year:

3 nights, Wed – Sat (double occupancy) 2 nights, Wed – Fri (double occupancy)
$734 pp, last season
$629 pp, last season
$625 pp, this season
$550 pp, this season

It has never been cheaper to visit Belize Mayan ruins; join us this season for a fantastic Mayan exploratory adventure!

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