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Islands of Glover’s Reef, aerial photos

Islands of Glovers Reef, Belize

In the departure area of the Belize international airport (BZE) there is an impressive display of photos of many Belize islands taken from a plane. These images are of very high quality. Years ago we contacted the photographer, Jimmie C. Smith, to purchase the use of several of his photos for our Belize brochure.

Several times in the past years he has gone down to Belize with professional camera gear and hired a private plane to fly him around. His aerial photos of Belize islands are the best we have seen.

You can visit his website to purchase images of Long Caye and other islands at Glover’s Reef. One cool thing about one of his Long Caye photos is that it was taken before Hurricane Mitch. The little island off of ours that used to be there is in the image. You won’t be able to see this view now, that island was destroyed at the same time that we lost about 75 feet of our shore. You can see before and after photos on a blog post we published back in June: http://belizeadventure.com/2011/06/memories-of-hurricane-mitch/

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