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News Flash! Flights to Belize just got cheaper!

Belize airfaresEvery week we update our Belize flights page. We manually enter 24 US and Canadian airports on a specific date to track fares to Belize for posting on our site. Today we were astounded to see an across the board, drastic drop! Belize airline tickets dropped up to $285 from 23 of the 24 cities we track!

Here are some of the savings (other cities went down as well, but not as much):

    Baltimore: down $210
    Boston: down $193
    Chicago: down $194
    Denver: down $251
    Detroit: down $229
    Indianapolis: down $257
    Las Vegas: down $215
    Los Angeles: down $100
    Manchester: down $91
    Miami: down $108
    Minneapolis: down $254
    Phoenix: down $198
    Salt Lake City: down $262
    Seattle: down $285
    St. Louis: down $271
    Washington, DC: down $98

See the complete list on our Belize airfare page. If you are thinking of traveling to Belize, don’t hesitate! Get your ticket now!

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