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Packing for Belize

Packing for BelizeOn our vacations to Belize we provide a complete packing list. You can email us if you would like a copy. But we have one primary tip: Pack so that it’s ok if your luggage is delayed.

Luggage is lost very seldom these days. Ever since 9/11 the airlines have made extraordinary progress in this department. I assume it is because they want you and your luggage on the same plane (in case you have a bomb in there, I guess.) So this has meant that in at last 10 years I have heard nothing about lost luggage. Occasionally luggage still gets bumped because everyone on the flight brought too much stuff. We have seen guests get very angry over this, but think about it, would you prefer that they overload the plane? So pack your carry-on with a change of clothes and other essentials you can’t replace, like medications, etc. to avoid being caught with only the clothes on your back. Remember that all of our trips are in very remote areas. The airlines may not be willing to deliver your luggage to the island. Don’t contribute to this problem; pare down your luggage. We have a good packing list, stick closely to it and you won’t be sorry.

In reading our literature you will see numerous references to either fly in a day early, or make sure you have long layovers, so that you don’t miss your final flight to Belize, and therefore miss the boat to the island. Another good reason to have more than two hours between flights is so that your luggage makes it as well. Since many of the airlines only fly once a day to Belize, delayed luggage means you may not see it until the end of the trip (we leave Belize City well before the flight arrives the next day.)

Years ago there was a woman on one of our trips where half of her luggage got bumped. She was extremely upset. She had a HUGE bag and I couldn’t imagine what she could have possibly had in addition to what had made it. She had a fit for about a day, and then started getting in the groove of things. Our Belize City staff managed to get her bag released to them and out on the Wednesday boat. When the boat arrived I ran and found her, happy to tell her “Your other (GIGANTIC) bag is here.” She was completely uninterested. “I don’t need any of that stuff.” she replied. Seems that she really did achieve the island attitude!

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