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Walking on Water – Paddleboarding

Belize paddleboarding
Paddleboarding at our Belize island
Susan Beveridge wants to join one of our Belize trips. She is super excited about our island in Belize and she hasn’t even been there yet! I just love that, she is going to go crazy when she gets there.

Susan recently sent me a link to a blog by a new paddleboarder named Aaron Teasdale and I wanted everyone to see it. Aaron is a writer/adventurer/photographer.

He is just learning to paddleboard. You can tell it’s become an obsession with him. There are some great photos on this post, they will make you want to start paddleboarding NOW. http://aaronteasdale.blogspot.com/2011/08/walking-on-water-discovering-standup.html

For those of you who will be joining us this year, or hope to, check this out. Paddleboarding is a huge sport on our island now, and we didn’t even offer it until four years ago, that’s how new it is. Classes are springing up all over the country. If you can get a class before you get to the island, go for it. The more experience you have before you come, the more likely you will be able to get out in the waves when you are there!

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