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Belize fares continue to plummet

Cheap Belize faresThree weeks ago flights from Canada to Belize dropped to the lowest we have seen in years.

Two weeks ago American Airlines flights to Belize from DFW and LAX dropped significantly.

One week ago Belize fares dropped in all 26 cities that we track on our website.

And TODAY they dropped again in 9 of these markets!

If you fly out of Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, or Salt Lake, your Belize airfares have dropped up to 43% in the past two weeks!!!

I keep saying it can’t go lower, and then it gets lower. Wow! But I’m going to say it again, better buy your Belize flight now before it goes back up again. Visit our Belize flights page to see the change in rates over the past three weeks.

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