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Early season passport issue and a near miss!

I flew into Belize this season a little early to tune up my motorcycles, catch up on paperwork and escape the snow. I learned something very important that I thought I would share with everyone. Belize requires a passport valid for six months for an entry visa. Now I knew that coming into the country for my tenth year. What I didn’t realize until about three days prior to leaving the states was that my passport expires in February. This could have been an ugly scenario stranding me in Salt Lake City, Houston, or worse being turned back at immigration at the Belize City airport. Turns out not many people know these rules. I only thought to look it up a while back because I was in front of some people at an airport in Europe when they got denied boarding because their passports didn’t have 6 months on them.

Here is what I did just to be sure I had a less likely chance of getting denied:

  • Got on my iphone at the airport and pulled up the US embassies web site for Belize. I pulled up the page explaining passport renewal options.
  • Used my┬álicense to board all but my international leg
  • Waited for the airline employee who seemed the most casual about checking passports during preboarding

I got through in Houston and knew the Belize guys wouldn’t check thoroughly so I was home free. As soon as I got into Belize city i made an appointment at the US embassy and wolla! New passport in 7-10 days. Same price as the US and way faster turnover time.

Im officially over being anywhere in Belize but on Long Caye and I’m headed there tomorrow.


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