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The Belize hurricane season is over!

Every year we watch tropical hurricane websites starting in July. If you own an island in Belize, believe me you pay attention to hurricane season! Every year, when November 1 comes around I breathe a GIANT sigh of relief. I waited a few extra days just to be sure, but I can now state that I am ready to proclaim the 2011 Belize hurricane season to be OVER!

This year was a breeze, only one evacuation. The hurricane that passed close to us did little, and the hurricane that could have come our way didn’t. We have heard there is a lot of trash to clean up from Rina (which never got any closer than about 250-300 miles from us). We can handle that! Cully goes out to the island for the first time this season tomorrow, undoubtedly I will be hearing more from him in a week or so about how it looks.

We haven’t had any major hurricane damage since Mitch in 1998. Since then there have been some scares, and a few cabanas that needed subsequent repair, but no mass-rearranging of the island like we had with Mitch. If you can visit us this year, you will see an island that looks like this:

Long Caye at Glovers Reef, Belize
Long Caye at Glovers Reef, Belize

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