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Belize airfares drop from 21 US and Canadian cities

Belize flights Airlines are so hard to figure out. I have been watching Belize airfares for 26 years and STILL I can’t predict what they will do. Today when updating our Belize flights page I saw a strange pattern I have never seen before. It may never happen again, but it’s weird, so I thought I would tell all of you about it.

A week and a half ago I checked airfares and they had dropped from 5 cities only: Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, NYC, and San Francisco. So I blogged about it. Today, they dropped from every single city EXCEPT those 5 cities. They went up in those 5. Go figure.

The largest drops were from Philadelphia and Baltimore. Those flights to Belize on March 2, returning March 11, are $160 less than they were 10 days ago. The other 19 cities that I found lower fares mostly show a $100+ savings. The least amount of savings was from Phoenix. The rate to fly from there is $42 less this week than last.

To see the full list with current flights to Belize, visit our Belize flights page.

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