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Hurricane season begins

Hurricane season officially begins every June 1 and runs through November. The Western Caribbean, where Belize is located, sees early season tropical storms and late season hurricanes on an average year. The period of greatest threat is in late Sept. and Oct, when storms commonly form right in the Western Caribbean near Belize and can rapidly intensify in a matter of a few days. These storms then generally move west or NW, right towards Belize. It is always a nerve wracking period for us at Slickrock to watch the track of these storms! However, what we have seen is that a storm has to pass within 50 miles or less of our location to be a real threat, except for the waves that can come in from storms hundreds of miles away. We watch the NOAA hurricane reports daily during the fall.

This season has brought an early start to the rainy season, which then develops into hurricane season by late summer. Belize has seen several periods of torrential rain already this June, causing flooding and road closures throughout the country. We only hope this does not portend an active hurricane season!

Look at the photo below to see what Hurricane Ivan brought us in 2004, look at the size of those trees that washed up on our shore!

Damage from Hurricane Ivan in 2004

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