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Belize fares plummet! Get your tickets now.

Flying to Belize
We watch Belize flight prices closely, and they just dropped across the board. We track Belize fares from 26 US and Canadian cities and the smallest decrease for a round trip ticket was 12% and the largest decrease was 51%! (Last week a round trip ticket from Manchester, NH to Belize City was $1223; this week it’s $632.

The dates we checked were arriving in Belize November 23, 2012 and departing December 2, 2012. This coincides with our Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef trip to our private island. You can also save 10% off that price using our Early Bird discount, if you sign up for this special Belize deal by August 31, 2012.

View the full list of Belize fares on our website.

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