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New discount travel deals | Two weeks in Belize

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Looking for great discount travel deals in Belize? Hunting for family vacation ideas? Our new page on the Slickrock Adventures site lists five Belize vacation package deals – the perfect solution if you’re thinking of a holiday Belize style.

Most of our guests only have a week for their Belize holiday. But if you are contemplating an extended stay in Belize, you can’t do better than the Belize vacation packages deals listed here. Discounts offered can go as high as 10% off of the first trip and 25% off of the second trip for those booking two trips together. Of course, these discounts are not offered during weeks that are in unusually high demand, such as the Christmas holiday season and Spring Break. But unless those are the only times you can get off work, the killer deals available make it worthwhile to book during our periods of normal demand.

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From time to time we also offer other special discounts on our trips, both on our private island and our inland Belize Adventure Week that includes three days of whitewater kayaking, hiking jungle trails on guided nature walks, exploring a sacred Mayan cave, climbing the Mayan ruins of Tikal, and rafting an underground river before heading out to our island for a few days of snorkeling, sea kayaking, windsurfing and scuba diving.