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Our new Belize brochure is ready for download

Slickrock's 2013-2014 Belize brochure

It is always exciting when I finish designing our 12-page 4-color Belize brochure each summer. It’s a huge decision deciding what photos to use because we have so many more than we can fit into our catalog. The most difficult decision is the cover photo, this year we are using a fantastic image by Clayton Anderson, who came out to the island last December for a week just to shoot pictures.

I JUST finalized the new catalog… it’s not printed yet but it’s ready online! Please check it out, and send me an email and let me know what you think. (And if you find a typo, let me know right away before I go to the printer in Grand Junction to finalize it!) Contact us at slickrock@slickrock.com.

Download Slickrock’s NEW Belize brochure.