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Coupon codes | Outdoor gear to complete your list for packing

bluewaterredkayakGetting ready for your once-in-a-lifetime caribbean vacation? We have coupon codes for our guests to purchase sun clothes and diving gear at two special discount pages with outdoor gear retailers Colorado Kayak Supply and Coolibar. The coupon codes are for our guests but actually anyone can use them.

In order to make sure our guests get the most out of their time with us, over the years we’ve developed a very complete “what to bring” list. We’ve refined this list over 28 years based on our customers’ feedback. The most important thing we’ve learned is that we can’t urge them strongly enough: “Bring everything on this list.” Bring everything! We only say that due to past experiences with customers who cut corners and left one or two items behind because “well, that just seemed a bit overboard.” They were sorry later.

CaptureOur list includes numerous specific items in the catagories: documents, clothes, gear, money. Some of it may seem obvious, but it also includes a number of items many would fail to think of, let alone purchase ahead of time and pack in their suitcase. Samples include: a set of clean clothes for the flight home (you can do laundry on the island but it is “by hand;”) long sleeve sun shirts (see photo above), fleece underwear and a sweater for cold (“what” you say? “It’s the tropics!” Yes, but storms can blow through and nudge the temps down a bit if even only for a few hours or a day;) river shoes (to protect your feet against the coral.)

If you would like a complete copy of our “What to bring list” send us an email at slickrock@slickrock.com or call us at 800-390-5715. We’ll happily mail one to you.

And in the meantime, please feel free to make use of our special discount coupon codes for buying outdoor gear at our two partnership pages with Coolibar and Colorado Kayak. The coupon codes are:

  • Coolibar: “slick13” Enter this when checking out and you’ll get 15% off on all your purchases from our page.
  • Colorado Kayak Supply: “slicktrip14” This one gets you 10% off on everything in your shopping cart.