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Our Belize brochure is ready to mail!

Belize brochure coverIt’s always exciting for me to get our new Belize brochure back from the printer. Each year Cully and I go over all of our best photos for the cover, which is a big decision. This year’s cover was taken by Clayton Anderson, a travel professional who joined us on the island in December of 2012. Those who follow us on Facebook may remember several amazing aerial shots that we have posted over the past several months. Clayton brought a kite with him and rigged up his GoPro camera to hang from the kite and take a shot every few seconds. He ended up with a lot of shots he couldn’t use because you could not control the camera direction, but some of them, wow!

Below is one of my favorites. The image on the cover of the brochure is taken with a regular camera, rather than the GoPro. The GoPro is really made for video and still shots from the GoPro are unsuitable for print. We are glad he brought 2 cameras… this guy is good!

If you would like a copy of the brochure mailed to you, request it off of our website: http://www.slickrock.com/belizeinformation.html or send us an email: slickrock@slickrock.com.

Long Caye at Glover's Reef