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Do you fly to Belize out of PHX, PHL, or CLT?

flying to belizeYesterday we realized that tickets for flights to Belize from Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Charlotte have plummeted from the usual $500-600 range to $400! I have been doing this a long time, and haven’t seen rates this low in years.

When I do my weekly check on Belize fares from 29 US and Canadian cities, I have to pick a date. I use kayak.com, because they have the fastest engine that searches all of the available flight pages on the internet.

You can’t search flights to Belize in general, you have to specify a date. The date I chose coincides with our first Belize trip of the new season.

Charlotte to Belize round trip for those dates is $399! This price is un-Belize-able!

Yesterday a woman from St. Louis called us up and booked a trip at Christmas. She was asking for my advice on flying to Belize. I suggested she check routing through Charlotte, since St. Louis is not that far from Charlotte, as far as flying goes. I told her, however, that I doubted the rates would be that good, since she is traveling at the most popular time of the year. Suddenly while we were talking she says “Wow! It’s $329 for those dates!” I just about fell out of my chair.

So if are thinking of traveling to Belize, and if you fly from CLT, PHX, or PHL, check your rates right now, and if they are around $400 (or under) DO NOT hesitate! I can’t imagine that you will see these rates again this season.


photo by Pete McDermott