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New iphone app for your next airtravel adventure

flying iphone app iconThe new iphone app, Flying, is free and handy tool for the frequent traveler and for anyone traveling out of the country. If you’re heading to Belize, you’ll want to check out this iphone app.

The app began as a student project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design to not only make flying easier but to dial back the “cold and impersonal” atmosphere of today’s flying industry. The streamlined interface has five sections: Flights, Stream, Notifications, Lounge, Stamps and all embody a style that calls forth memories of the golden “Pan Am” days of jet travel.

Iphone App Basics

The iphone app handles the basics of keeping track of your flights and gates, delays and cancellations. But it also has a social side, allowing you to post your flights on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

It can also act as an electronic “passport” showing the history of your personal travels, including individually hand-designed “passport stamps” for each trip you’ve taken.

flying iphone app

With the “Stream” you can follow your friends’ flights and if you find yourselves in the same city why not meet up? The “Leaderboard” allows you to compete to see who of your friends has flown the most.

Reviewers have said, the iphone app employs a typeface that “is as sharp as a freshly pressed captain’s uniform.”

It requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This iphone app is optimized for iPhone 5 and is currently in public beta.

Iphone App Contest – Win “Round the World” fare

Share your flights with friends and colleagues using Flying during the month of October for a chance to win one Star Alliance “Round the World” fare. There will be one winner of the contest who will chose up to 16 flights from 21,900 daily flights to more than 1,328 destinations within 195 countries. A winner will be announced early November. Check their blog for all the details and how to sign up.