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Hurricane season in Belize


Hurricane season is from June-November with September being the height. Hurricane season officially started yesterday!

1.   The Caribbean region averages eight storms a year.

2.   Hurricanes are rare in the southern Caribbean, most occur in the n. Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.


On October 31, 1961 Hurricane Hattie cut a path centered on the Turneffe Islands and

reaching from English Caye to Rendezvous Caye with winds reaching 300 kph.

1.   Almost all living corals in the immediate area were destroyed, and no signs of regeneration were observed four years later.

2.   Some cayes were washed away completely.

3.   It was concluded that it would take more than 30-75 years for a reef to recover to a mature stage after a catastrophic hurricane such as Hattie. (Coral grows at a rate of about 1 inch per year.)

4.   Hurricane Hattie was not a direct hit to Glover’s as evidenced by the existence of the giant Gumbo Limbo tree on NE Caye dated to 300 years old and the pirate graves on the south end of the island.


There was a hurricane that hit Glover’s directly in 1971, but was not considered “catastrophic”.

1.   With winds up to 175 kph, these gusts knocked over houses on Long Caye.

2.   Statistically, the frequency of hurricanes is every 3-6 years with catastrophic hurricanes occurring in Belize every 30 years (we are due).

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