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2015 Hurricane season for Belize

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The Atlantic and Caribbean basins are already experiencing the effects of the big El Nino climatological phenomenon that has been building in the Pacific this season. When a Pacific El Nino develops, it affects weather patterns all over the hemisphere. One of these effects is to increase upper level winds over the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans, which suppresses the development of hurricanes. This is good news for us at Slickrock, as there is a much less chance of seeing storms in the western Caribbean this season.

The tradition peak period of the hurricane season has just begun, and extends from mid August to mid Oct, and right on time we are seeing the first hurricane of the season which has just developed in the Atlantic and which are currently threatening the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. However, the storms that develop early in the mid-Atlantic seldom move across the entire Caribbean to endanger Belize, so we are not that concerned about these storms. The wind shear is higher in the western Caribbean where Belize is located, so we are even less likely to see a storm in the vicinity of Belize this year.

However, one can never bet the farm on weather predictions, so we will still be keeping our fingers crossed for the next two months!