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Belize hurricane season is officially over!

photo of celebrating the end of 2016 Belize hurricane season

Allow me to express my joy, another Belize hurricane season has come and gone and we are fine!!!!

When you have an island in Belize, nothing gets your attention like an impending hurricane in the Western Caribbean. Readers of this blog and past guests know how we fared during Hurricane Mitch. We lost something like 75 feet of shore (and gained it on another shore), and lost 4 or 5 buildings, I don’t remember the exact number anymore. We rescued one building out of the sea and propped it up. A nearby island ended up completely obliterated and piled up on our island. It was a MESS.

This year we were only threatened by Hurricane Earl, which came very close and actually caused a lot of damage to our house in Belize City, but did not affect the island much at all. This was in early August: https://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/atlantic/2016/Tropical-Storm-Earl?map=sat&MR=1. We did evacuate the island, but when our crew got back out there, everything was fine.

OK, big breath. Good to go until next July. :)

[photo by Wil Thijssen]