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Controlling the Belize lionfish invasion

The Belize Lionfish invasion actually encompasses the entire Caribbean and Atlantic marine ecosystems. This crisis has been in the news for several years now, and we write about the Belize Lionfish epidemic frequently. These invasive fish, which have no natural enemies, have disrupted coral reef ecosystems and are threatening to wipe out many indigenous species. …

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Lionfish hunting in Belize

I have posted often about hunting lionfish and the Belize lionfish invasion. Lionfish were first spotted at Glover’s Reef in the winter of 2009. We heard about them in an article online, and notified our island staff. Within days, they spotted the first lionfish; it was uncanny. Since that time, we have actively pursued them …

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Tiger prawn now in Belizean waters, joins lionfish invasion

It was in 2008 when the Belize Fisheries Department confirmed the first sighting of the invasive Lionfish in Belizean waters. The increasing numbers of the lionfish threatening our ecosystem lead to numerous projects and tournaments to get rid of the invasive lionfish. Now there is another species that joins this creature in Belizean waters – …

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Barracuda devours a lionfish! A hopeful sign!

Because the invasive lionfish species has been having such a huge impact throughout Caribbean reef ecosystems, including on Glover’s Reef, we try to keep abreast any new developments that might give us reason to hope that someday they at least will be held in check, if not generally eradicated from the Caribbean reefs they invaded. …

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The Caymans take the lionfish fight to a whole new level

The fight to combat the invasive lionfish (which is decimating coral reef fish domains in the Caribbean) took another step in the right direction when the Cayman Islands Tourism Association announced a new lionfish-spearing contest that doubles as a publicity push to increase demand for the fish from local restaurants – Restaurants And Watersports Operators To …

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