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There is So Much to Tell about Our Belize Adventure Vacations, We Needed a Separate Website for It!

Welcome to belizeadventure.com, the blog of Slickrock Adventures of Moab, Utah.

There are so many amazing things that I have always wanted to communicate about our Belize travel company: photos of new kayaks and surf boards being delivered to my yard in Moab, hilarious photos guests send us from their trip, hot tips from our staff of other cool places to visit in Central America, more about how to choose the perfect snorkeling fins… all of this I have thought about posting but felt that they didn’t really fit within the format of our regular website. With this blog I hope to give a more complete view of all that goes into running private island adventure tours in Belize.

And a big thank you to Craig Hibberd of Moab who helped me get the blog up on its own domain… not an easy feat!

And another thanks to Dann Bush, who joined us on the island in December of 2015, for use of the island panorama shot at the top of the page.

Lucy Wallingford
Slickrock Adventures
Moab, Utah


  1. pascale says:

    Hi am thinking to come to Belize in november (10 to 24) and bring my paddleboard…i have heard there is many sandflies/fleas…is that so? are they real annoying?

    where is the best place to surf our paddleboard, we never surf before, just did paddleboarding on rivers and lakes…we are pretty athletic and like active vacations! and off the beaten path areas…


  2. Lucy says:

    Pascale, I had turned off (or so I thought) all replies to my blog (because of all of the spam) so I didn’t see your question until just now. So sorry for the response that took 5 months! Some places have really bad sand fleas and some do not, that question cannot be answered about the entire country, you would have to ask it for each place. On our island they are not a problem. The only place to surf in Belize is at our island, as the Barrier Reef stops all surf. We are past the Barrier Reef and have the only surfable wave in the country. I hope you will check out our website: http://www.slickrock.com. Thanks, Lucy Wallingford

  3. Lucy says:

    Hi Nunzio, yes we are for real. However, we don’t communicate via blog posts much, I am sorry. I thought I had the comments turned off because mostly all you get is spam and it is too much maintenance to keep throwing away spammy comments. You said you called twice, we work 9 – 5 Mountain time, M – F. If you can call during that time we will be here, and if you leave a message we will call you back! Our number is 800.390.5715. Thanks, Lucy Wallingford

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