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A Belize Adventure Turned into an Island Vacation Resort Like No Other

Slickrock’s Adventure Island, perched atop Glover’s Reef off the coast of Belize, began out of the intrepid kayaking adventures of owner Cully Erdman (read all about it here).  Now it offers a one-of-a-kind vacation experience.  Here you’ll find a wealth of information not just about Adventure Island, but Belize’s oceans, beaches, forests, caves, and Mayan Ruins.  Not to mention food and things to do.  Read our latest posts, or browse our content categories.

A Private Island Vacation in Belize

Watch your next Caribbean sunset from a white sand island beach off the coast of Belize.  Slickrock Adventure vacations offer unparalleled fun, and a beautiful finish to each exciting day.

Enjoy the beauty of the island with our photo gallery here.

Caribbean Relaxation Included

Our all-inclusive Belize Island vacation packages include more than a cabana on the beach, delicious meals prepared by our native chefs, and 10 adventure sports.  We also throw in a generous amount of rest and relaxation – at no extra charge!

Investigate what’s included in our vacation packages here.

Belize Adventure Island Blog Posts – All the Things to Do at Our All-Inclusive Resort

The Essential Mayan Ruins Cheat Sheet

Belize contains a wealth of Mayan ruins scattered all over the country.  If you’ve investigated at all you know that figuring our which ones you’ll want to visit, and how to construct your Belize vacation accordingly, can become overwhelming.

In this blog post we created a handy grid to help you to identify the essential ruins and the nearest towns that access them.

Why You’ll Never Want to Leave Belize

  • Some of the best adventure snorkeling and Scuba diving in the world, along with the wondrous blue hole
  • Exciting, invigorating water sports – and ways for beginners to learn them
  • Unlimited hiking through unlimited natural beauty
  • Cave kayaking – it’s as fun as it is adventurous
  • Mayan ruins – all over the place

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What’s Included in an All Inclusive Belize Vacation

In this post we walk you through exactly what’s included in one of our all-inclusive Belize vacations. 

You’ll be able to see exactly why we think this is the best deal on an adventure vacation where your headquarters is a private beach on an island perched atop one of Belize’s beautiful coral atolls.

Read the full post here, with clear tables to make it all easy to understand