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Do you ever wonder what it’s like to work for us?

Laia Lanaquera Donet was one of our kitesurf instructors in Belize 3 years ago. Instructing on our private island at Glover’s Reef, at times she was our only instructor and was responsible for our entire kitesurfing program. She only worked for us for one year unfortunately, because after working for us one winter, she got …

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Where to stay in Belize City with one extra day

Rich Lawson has been to our island seven times. His first trip was so long ago (2006), that this was before we were using the Biltmore in Belize City for our groups. We used to use the Chateau Caribbean, which was downtown next to the Radisson Ft. George. Rich loved the Chateau, and continued to …

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Touring Belize on your own

Many of our guests arrive a day or two early for one of our week-long adventure packages. We often get questions about touring Belize on your own. I have a favorite one-day loop trip that takes in the Baboon Sanctuary, the Belize Zoo, and my favorite restaurant for lunch: Cheers. Because it’s a loop, you …

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